Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brief Introduction To East Africa

East Africa is made up of countries on the horn of Africa that comprises of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Kenya and Tanzania have ports on the Indian Ocean whereas Uganda is landlocked. The three countries also share a common interior water mass, Lake Victoria, whose largest portion is on the Ugandan side. Economically, the region is an agricultural society whose main exports include, tea, coffee and livestock products. It  also enjoys industrial growth in areas like telecommunications, fines arts and manufacturing.

The political structure of the three countries follows the Commonwealth form of Constitutional Republics. The latest exception to this system occurred in Kenya, which promulgated a new constitution on 27th August 2010 setting up a county system of government. Other countries in the region including, Rwanda and Burundi are categorised as East African states through the shared EAC bloc, which is on its way to becoming a Common Market.

Tourism is a multimillion industry in the region due to the many national parks and diverse wildlife and the sandy beaches of Mombasa. The Kilindini harbor is the entry port for much of the foreign trade. Uganda has traditionally received imports via the port on the Mombasa-Uganda railway.

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