Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Explanation on this Novel

Title: The Wronged Future
Synopsis: It is the year 2037 in postmodern EA Nation, a federal state
formed by East African countries. Against a background of a rotten court
system, two individuals are on the run after writing treasonable content.
Now the question is, who between them has done the capital wrong? Or is it
the state that is to blame? A forensic officer and robotic agents are out to
find out. The judgment on these two individuals, if caught, will resort in
the subtle salvation of a nation or the indictment of a whole society.
Finally, will the first person narrator,who is also the protagonist be finally
saved whereas the real culprit is brought to book?

The 63000 plus word novel is written in a
pseudo-surrealistic style that is deemed best to highlight in an undertone
the evils of impunity. The message is targeted at the here and now: the
future state, though realistic, is just a technical cap to drive the point

The work is under copyright

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